Monday, August 30, 2010

Is EMC A Potential Takeover Target?

EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) could be a potential acquisition target despite having a market cap north of $38 billion, according to the Barron's Tech Trader Blog on Monday.

The report cited Pacific Crest analyst Brent Bracelin as saying, "EMC's growing arsenal of strategic assets, which are critical to enabling the shift to cloud computing - VMware (NYSE: VMW), Zimbra, SpringSource, Greenplum, Data Domain, RSA, Pi Corporation - combined with an improving profit structure that includes 2013 gross and operating margin estimates above 60 percent and 24 percent, respectively, make it one of the most profitable and strategic cloud arms dealers across the entire tech vertical, in our view."

Bracelin named Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL), IBM (NYSE: IBM) as potantial buyers.

Data-storage firm EMC are becoming Silicon Valley’s hottest properties. Companies need a place to store vast amounts of data: video clips, e-mail, reports and presentations. They also need tools to help them manage it. With the amount of data growing at a rapid pace every day, companies are turning to products and services that will help them use data space more efficiently to hold the billions of emails, customer orders and other vital information needed to run their businesses. EMC Shares soared as much as 0.76% in afternoon trading.

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