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Stock Wizard's aim is to provide in-depth and timely research articles to help investors improve their investment results. The primary objective of this site is to help investors learn more about the company before the earnings are announced and identify stocks which will outperform the market in longer term. Our research combines the best of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our Team:

Chief Editor

Ken Jones

Ken Jones has been providing market commentary and active investment advice since 2001. He is the founder and editor of Stock Wizard, a website providing free actionable ideas for ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds.

His experience and passion runs deeply across multiple market sectors, audiences and geographies. Learning, listening, creating and inspiring are how he likes to apply his skills.

He has applied his skills while working alongside amazing people in incredible places.

The investment approach is based on value, asset allocation, expense control, risk management, customizing portfolios to each client's specific circumstances, and regular communication about strategy and absolute and benchmark performance.


Jason Kimbel

Mr. Kimbel finished his MBA in 2004 and has been privately assisting individuals in selecting quality financial strategies since 2007. He is one of the few independent advisers to forecast the current inflationary environment as well as the end of the housing bubble and manage money accordingly.

In his free time Jason is a commercial aircraft pilot, long distance hiker and mountain climber, wine collector and avid photographer.

Jayden Baker 
Mr. Baker is a senior business reporter at Stock Wizard, which he joined in 2011 after working at American Express. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Arizona State University.

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